Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Famous Steps and Staircases to Climb

Many times, we use steps and staircases for the sole purpose of getting somewhere, if there isn’t an elevator or escalator in site. We think it’s time for stairs to stop being just a means of reaching the second or third floor. All over the world there are many noteworthy steps and staircases to climb and admire, a few even located in the United States. Let’s take some time to travel the world for a few famous staircases and steps; you might even be inspired to a new, unique staircase to your home!

Spanish Steps of Rome 

The Spanish Steps are the widest set of steps throughout Europe, located in Rome, Italy. Situated at the top of these steps is the Trinità dei Monti church. A notable tourist attraction for visitors all over the world, these gorgeous steps have been restored several times.

Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Well known for their part in the movie, “Rocky”, these 72 steps that lead to the Philadelphia Museum of Art offer a great view of Philadelphia’s City Hall.

The Tiled Steps of San Francisco

Unveiled in August 2005, the tiled steps of 16th Avenue in San Francisco are possibly the world’s longest mosaic staircase; the staircase is 82’ high and has 163 steps. The more than 2,000 handmade tiles and 75,000 fragments of tile, mirror and stained glass are a striking sight to see while in the great city of San Francisco.

Spiral Staircase at the Vatican Museum

This spiral staircase, also called the Momo or Snail Staircase, it one of the most photographed pieces in a museum. This breathtaking staircase consists of two stairways that curve in a double helix; one staircase goes up, while the other goes down.

Wayna Picchu in Peru

While this staircase is often mistaken for Machu Picchu, Wayna Picchu is the mountain seen in many postcards of the Inca Trail. The steps wrap around the mountain and take a few hours to climb. Stop and enjoy the arresting sights from all sides of the mountain.

What are some of the most interesting steps or staircases you have seen?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Independence Day Special

Happy Independence Day USA!

We make stairs here in New York and take great pride in the fact that all of our products are entirely fabricated in the United States and feed back into our local economy. Help foster a stronger, more strategically sound American economy; with every purchase consider buying products that are labeled MADE IN THE USA.

In celebration of Independence Day we are offering a limited time DISCOUNTED UPGRADE:

For a limited time get 50% off when you powder coat your stair in RED, WHITE or BLUE! We will have your custom made steel railings and stair treads finish painted with this high-tech powder coat process to make your stair have a crisp, clean finish.

The average powder coat costs are between $1200 to $1800 for a full sized spiral staircase, but if you CALL OR VISIT US between now and July 13, 2012 and mention this patriotic promotion, we will reduce the cost of powder coating your stair in one of these colors!

       Photograph by Matt Divine © 2012 All Rights Reserved. 

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Simple Mother's Day Idea: Un-clutter Those Stairs!

While moms and the US Marines are both there for you at the drop of a hat, the first ones you call, and often have a similar workload, moms should not have to adapt and overcome the stairs. Many mothers travel the stairs more times per day than anyone else in the family, and we have a strong penchant for turning the stairway into an obstacle course. 

Shoes invariably land on the steps in the foyer to keep the doorway clear. And oh, the piles. The piles of 'stuff' that appear to have a natural affinity for the bottom few stairs. Sure, we put them there with the intention of making it easier to remember that said 'stuff' goes up to our rooms. How many times does that happen before the stairs are all but impassible? 

Mom has to navigate this obstacle course of clutter while holding groceries, laundry, her briefcase or even carrying children. 

Most of the time she deftly dances down the stairs, tip-toeing over balls and books, side-stepping shoes and shirts. But sometimes she misses a step and that creates a dangerous situation.

If you forgot to get her a card, if the flowers wilted and the chocolate melted, the least you could do is clean up the stairs.

Acadia Stairs can make a stair for any home. We can help design a stair structure that can incorporates your storage ideas. 

We can build a stair that can have shelving in the risers, or treads that are lids to a hidden compartment.

And for goodness sake, it's the middle of May, take the garland and Christmas lights off the railing.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Buying a new stair: Spiral stair vs. ladder

Things to consider when buying a new stair.

Today's topic:

Spiral stair vs. ladder

Both types of stairs have their benefits. Ladders are often less expensive and easier to install than any type of staircase. Ladders take up minimal space even if they are fixed type ship ladders. Safely ascending or descending a ship ladder requires that one be facing backwards, or toward the ladder. This poses quite a problem when attempting to bring large or heavy items down a ladder.

However, if that's not an issue, you might consider an alternating tread stair. This is a type of ladder that has a rise and run similar to a normal staircase, but the tread does not go all the way across. Be aware, though, that this is generally considered a stair design of last resort. 

Smaller spiral stairs are an excellent alternative to a ship ladder and can be used as a secondary means of egress to a living space if certain dimensional requirements are met (5’-0” diameter +). There are even some spiral staircases that can take up as little as 40” x 40” and, within that footprint, are not restricted by height. One travels down a spiral stair face forward. The natural benefit of this is that items carried up and down a spiral stair pose no problem, so long as they are not much larger than the radius of the stair.

We always like to hear from you! Send us any thoughts or questions you might have on stair purchase, safety, installation or maintenance: info@acadiastairs.com
Or visit us at www.acadiastairs.com

Friday, April 6, 2012

Make stairs safer for small children

The holiday weekend is right on top of us. For many that means house guests, and by extension, small children. Stairs have the ability to beautify and increase value for any home. At Acadia Stairs we appreciate this fact more than most. We also know that any staircase comes with inherent dangers for small children. If you're planning to entertain this weekend, please be aware of guests who are bringing children. Let the parents know where the stairs are and perhaps preemptively address the situation with a baby gate.

We know that there are some of you who are saying, "I've tried that. My railing makes life really difficult." We did a little research for you and found a clever, inexpensive solution: Y Spindles 2-Pack - One Step Ahead Baby http://bit.ly/HnSqFC . While we neither sell nor manufacture this product, we're happy to say that we do know a little stair company that could easily fabricate a custom steel or stainless steel stairwell gate for you.

Whatever your plans, have a safe and happy Passover and Easter from all of us at Acadia Stairs.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

April 1st - One Day only Free Upgrade - No Joke!

FREE UPGRADE: powder coat your stainless steel railings to look like wood!
we will have your high-end custom made stainless steel railings painted with a high-tech process to make them look like oak or cherry at no extra cost!

No joke, if you order a stainless steel railing system from Acadia Stairs today we will powder coat your railing with the wood look for free. Please call us to place your order right away.

CALL NOW, 855-8STAIRS this offer is 1 day only, April 1st, 2012.

April fools! Although we don’t want anyone to paint their stainless steel railings, we will if you really want us to.
And, YES, it is possible to get a powder coated paint job to make your metal stair or railings to look like oak or cherry or many other types of wood.
Smile, spring is here and Acadia Stairs can get you to the next level better than ever before!

Standing out by Blending in

You found us!
In documenting the process and components of our installations, we hope to improve the experience of every Acadia Stair owner and impart a little of the joy we find in the architecture and design of every stair we produce.

Thank you and enjoy.

Here are some pictures of a curved stair we completed recently. It is an exterior steel stair with custom grating treads and decorative riser space limiters. The handrail was made to match an existing railing.

The existing railing’s balusters were attached to the top & bottom rails with rivets. We welded the balusters to the top & bottom rail and welded on rivet heads to complete the look.

The stair was painted Sundried Tomato to match the existing window frames and house trim. The upper landing’s shape guaranteed the walk space to be more than 36” for better traffic pattern, and set up the curve of the stair to conform to the lower stone landing area.

We worked with the client to make this stair do a few seemingly opposing things:
  • Stand out as an architectural focal point.
  • Blend in with the existing structure.
The clients’ vision was to have a stair with the feel of old world metal works that could take center stage along side the natural setting of plants, stone and water.

We are currently making a custom bar grating platform for the lower landing area. This grating landing is made out of heavy steel bars and will be painted black so that, by walking over it, one will experience the maximum visual impact of the water and fish below.

Standing back to admire the results.
Come back soon for images of the finished landing!

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